Never Far From a Waffle

On a sultry August afternoon I found myself in a car with my daughter, Audrey, driving from Auburn, Alabama to Athens, Georgia. Like the S.S. Minnow’s scheduled tour, this is a three-hour jaunt. Unlike the S.S. Minnow, we did finish our route in three hours.

The evening before, Audrey and I had flown to Atlanta to begin a tour of colleges she is considering (Audrey is a rising high school senior) and drove to Auburn for a visit the following day. On the trip from Atlanta to Auburn I noticed what seemed like a surprising number of Waffle Houses. For those of you not familiar with the South, Waffle House is a chain of restaurants principally located in Dixie. Breakfast food is the specialty, they never close, and the architecture is identical at each restaurant – essentially a building that is the size and has the charm of a double wide.

On the drive from Auburn to Athens, we started to count the number of Waffle Houses we passed. During this three-hour trip we saw 20 Waffle Houses. Now I didn’t keep a record of the spacing of these sightings, but assuming they were equally spaced, that means we saw a Waffle House every nine minutes. My thesis is that if you are in a car in Alabama or Georgia, you are never more than four and a half minutes from the nearest Waffle House. A comforting thought indeed if you suddenly have a craving for a waffle.


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